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Virro Borja (Mexico City, 1988)

“Exploring the artwork of Mexican photographer Virro Borja, is discovering aesthetic heavens that remind us that light, geometry and colors are components of the world around us and are everywhere in deserts, cities, architecture or in the beauty of a gourmet dish.”

Virro’s first commission was a trip to Cuba, where working with the Caribbean country’s government, his lens captured the magic and worldview of the island, with its people and their environment.

He was only 17 and that was the beginning of his career as an insatiable seeker of images without borders, passionate about architecture, art and gastronomy.

A few time later Virro Borja became a brand and nowadays Estudio Virro Borja has become a consolidated company, dedicated to the direction of still and moving photography, with a portfolio of prestigious clients such as Coca Cola Company, Mercedes-Benz, Gas Natural Fenosa, Grupo Carso, Bachoco Industries and Government Institutions.



In the meantime, as Director of Photography for Publishing House Grupo Editorial Agueda, Virro published nearly 40 art books of photographic work: “Artists in their Studios”, where he portrayed important Mexican artists; “Capital in Movement” about Mexico City; “The Route of Tequila”, a specific order from Scotiabank Bank; “Markets around the World”, “The Best Restaurants of Mexico”, among others.

Some of these books have been presented to the Royal Family of Spain, the Queen of the United Kingdom and several celebrities from Mexico and the world.

Virro also made portraits of well-known personalities such as Carlos Slim, formers President Enrique Peña Nieto and Felipe Calderon – who prefaced one of his books – actors, artists, chefs, top athletes and renowned writers.

Moreover, his work was exhibited in galleries and open spaces in Mexico and abroad – Paris and New York.

Virro was a judge of several photography competitions and the creator of the “Gourmet Lens” competition.

He is one of the few Mexican enrolled in the Guinness World Records with the monumental aerial photography of 3,464 chefs in uniform, who gathered at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City on the 17th of May, 2014.

In April 2016 was released the first book about his personal work. “Virro Borja, X Years Behind The Camera”, prefaced by Carlos Slim Domit, is an outstanding art book which presents a journey through the work of Virro Borja and invites the reader to discover a sample of the images captured during his first 10 years as a professional photographer.

Since year 2016, Virro has been specializing in photography with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology and also started a new Virtual Reality project called VR by VR.